Incoming freshmen hold signs in front of the Student Union


You belong at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

在这里, you'll have a college experience that embraces your passions, provides opportunities to make your dreams reality, 改变你的未来. 

我们的亲密, supportive community of scholars 和 friends believe in pursuing what you love 和 making a positive impact. You’ll have the opportunities of a large university with the comforts of a small, 私人机构.

Whether you’re conducting meaningful research, 创作艺术作品, 或者掌握未来的技能, UL Lafayette is where you will find your people, 的地方, 和激情.

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搜索我们的250多个专业, 未成年人, 和 concentrations to find your academic focus 和 start your journey.

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了解更多 about getting credit for college courses from AP tests, 行为/ SAT分数, 信贷考试, 以及其他大学学分.


Our residence halls are as close as you can get to classes, food, fun, 和 activities on campus. 的 on-campus living experience is designed to enhance your academic 和 social journey through college. We have different buildings 和 room types to choose from 和 offer a variety of meal options.



8月. 26


8月. 26

学费 & 费用截止日期

12月. 13




  • Your AP test scores can help you earn credit for classes in college.

    See which AP test scores count for which classes (见C节).


    First-time freshmen 和 some 转学 can take advance credit tests to earn credit for college classes. Your ACT score determines whether you are eligible to take certain advance 信贷考试.

    了解更多 about advance 信贷考试.

    If you were in dual enrollment or took classes at another university before or while you were a student here, request that your transcripts are sent to UL Lafayette’s 办公室 of the Registrar from your other institution.

    If you were in dual enrollment at UL Lafayette before coming here as a freshman, your transcript will already be on file.


    Your SAT, ACT, or Accu的地方r tests may qualify you for advanced 的地方ment in English or math courses.

    UL Lafayette也颁发奖项 通过其他方式获得大学学分.

  • Yes, all incoming students are required to attend Orientation.

    View Orientation schedules 和 registration.

    Classes for first-time freshmen start the week before upperclassmen. You’ll spend your first week getting to know the campus 和 attending Cajun Connection, which will help you prepare for your first year.

    的 academic calendar for each semester has all of that information.


  • UL Lafayette offers accommodations to all students with physical, 情感, 或者学习障碍.

    残疾事务办公室学生支援服务 will help set up accommodations for you 和 help with your transition to college.

    We’re dedicated to helping our active duty 和 veteran students earn their degrees (it’s why we’re a 金级军事友好学校).

    退伍军人服务办公室退伍军人 can help you transition from service to school.  


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